Approaching Certification: Revisions to San Carlos’ Adopted Housing Element Available Now (April 11, 2024)

The City of San Carlos is excited to share that its adopted 2023-2031 Housing Element has undergone its latest edits and is nearing certification by the State Deartment of Housing and Community Development (HCD). 

These latest edits respond to final comments by HCD and are available for public review for a period of 7 days, beginning Thursday, April 11 through Thursday, April 18, 2024.

To view the latest revisions to the Housing Element, go to Hardcopies are available for viewing at the Development Services Counter at City Hall, the San Carlos Library, and the San Carlos Adult Community Center.

Latest edits include:

  1. Revision to Action HOU-4.5 to update development standards if they pose a potential or actual constraint in achieving maximum densities.
  2. A new Appendix with case studies from recent development projects in San Carlos to demonstrate the newly adopted development standards support maximum densities.

The public is invited to send any comments they may have on these latest edits.  Comments can be emailed to the City of San Carlos at by April 18, 2024.

In the weeks following April 18, 2024, the City of San Carlos expects to receive its formal certification letter from the State Department of Housing and Community Development.