Jan 28, 2021 at 12:00pm

Thank you for attending the second virtual workshop and continuing the discussion on the Focused General Plan Update. Click to view the materials from the workshop. 

The Community Development Department was once again pleased with the level of community participation at the second virtual workshop held on January 20th to further the conversation about how the City might solve its housing needs. Out of the 157 Eventbrite registrations, 75 community members attended the workshop and shared their impressions about housing density, housing location criteria, and ideas about housing locations. The format was similar to the first workshop with Mayor Laura Parmer-Lohan welcoming the participants followed by presentations from City staff and the MIG consultant team. The workshop concluded with public comment via real-time polls, chat box comments, and comments posted using a virtual whiteboard, MURAL. Please check back soon to view the recorded Zoom meeting, meeting summary, and a download of the comments shared in the chat.

See below for a list of materials from workshop #2:

About the Event

What criteria should San Carlos use to determine where 2,735 new housing units should be built? While the number of new housing units to plan for is mandated by the State, we need you to weigh in and help craft a solution to meet our community’s housing needs.