Jun 22, 2021 at 4:00pm

Thank you for attending the third virtual workshop and building on the discussions from the first two workshops on the Focused General Plan Update. Click to view the materials from the workshop. 

Approximately 37 community members attended the workshop. Participants learned about and responded to strategies to address the anticipated housing shortfall in order to meet San Carlos’ housing (RHNA) needs. City staff shared a study that showcased how density (i.e. additional housing units) could be added, while preserving building height and massing in mixed-use zoning districts juxtaposed with single-family neighborhoods.  In response to community concerns over single-family and heavy industrial adjacencies, staff gauged the participant’s reactions to introducing new uses in transitional areas.  The format was similar to the previous workshops with Mayor Laura Parmer-Lohan welcoming the participants followed by presentations from City staff and the MIG consultant team. The workshop included real time polling using a digital tool called Mentimeter, which allowed participants to share comments and feedback resulting in increased engagement.

See below for materials from Workshop #3:

About the Event

 The workshop:

  • Recapped some of the themes we have heard
  • Shared the number of housing units that can be accommodated using the City’s existing zoning and policies
  • Identified the anticipated housing shortfall in reaching the 2,735 new home (RHNA) target
  • Discussed new ideas and strategies to achieve the target

The results from the workshop will provide specific direction to the team as it plans for San Carlos to successfully meet its housing needs.