Thank you for attending Virtual Workshop #4 on August 11th!

Aug 24, 2021 at 2:00pm

Thank you for attending the fourth virtual workshop to address the right size for housing developments along El Camino Real in San Carlos. Click to view the materials from the workshop. 

Approzimately 40 community members attended the fourth virtual workshop. Staff presented development case studies along El Camino Real. These case studies showed how much housing is possible using existing zoning standards, and also showed how much more housing is possible by adjusting height limits and parking standards. San Carlos hoped to learn what level of support the community may have for potential modifications to the zoning ordinance in order to meet San Carlos’ Regional Housing Needs Allocation (“RHNA”) of at least 2,735 new homes to the year 2031.

The results from this virtual workshop will provide specific direction to the team as it plans for San Carlos to successfully meet its housing needs.

See below for materials from Workshop #4: